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Morley of Cumberworth and Skelmanthorpe

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Theorised origin
Morley, Yorkshire or Morley, Derbyshire
Possible offshoot of
First recorded
Cumberworth, Yorkshire
Longest association
140 years
Cumberworth, Yorkshire
Last recorded
Skelmanthorpe, Yorkshire
Marker Count
Possible offshoots
Markers last changed
This family is covered in more detail at, in a booklet outlining Lancashire and West Riding Morley families. Access is free but requires separate registration.

The forename Job recurs in this family. At the moment there is no known connection to other Morley family groups which used the forename Job: Morley of Halifax, Family A, and Morleys from Ticknall, Derby.


One member of this family group, Job Morley from Skelmanthorpe, was born about 1817, to Samuel Morley and Elizabeth Dalton (married 13 September 1810 at St Michael, Emley). This Job Morley died in Huddersfield Registration District in 1893, aged 76. He is therefore distinct from Job Morley alias Joseph Taylor alias Blackball, the very colourful subject of a chapter in John Ashworth's Strange Tales from Humble Life, Fifth Series (p. 47ff). That Job Morley died Q4 1871 in Sheffield Registration District, aet. 50.


The above source states that Job "Blackball" Morley lived in his youth "near Holmfirth", with a "drunken, ungodly father but a kind, loving mother" (p. 48). However, the 1861 and 1871 censuses -- as well indicating that he had a wife and children, including a son named Job -- place his birth in Sheffield (1861) or Skelmanthorpe (1871). He was in Sheffield in both censuses, but some of the children were born in Nottinghamshire.


Surname: Morley
Title Start Year End Year Added Updated
Cumberworth, Yorkshire
1720 1860 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Emley, Yorkshire
1770 1860 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Duffield, Derbyshire
1792 1824 2013-02-04 2020-03-15
Mirfield, Yorkshire
1811 1824 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
High Hoyland, Yorkshire
1817 1841 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Skelmanthorpe, Yorkshire
1820 1911 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Scisset, Yorkshire
1840 1885 2013-02-04 2013-02-04


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