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Morley Y-DNA Project: Results to date

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Public spreadsheet

Here is a spreadsheet of public Morley Y-DNA results (format: Excel spreadsheet).

The project administrator maintains a master spreadsheet, containing many results which have not been made public.

The project has grown significantly since the public spreadsheet was last updated.

To enquire about whether your Morley lineage is represented by Y-DNA testing, please register for and complete our registration questionnaire.


Data for this spreadsheet was compiled from:

  • The Morley Y-DNA project at Family Tree DNA. This FTDNA project is fully associated with this website; Family Tree DNA is the Morley Y-DNA project's recommended lab. In December 2015 this group got its 50th member. Of these 50, 32 are male Morleys.
  • The Marley Y-DNA project at Family Tree DNA
    • This project predates the Morley project. A few Morleys joined the Marley project because there wasn't a Morley project available at the time. The Marley project now appears to be abandoned.
    • Only one or two of the Morleys in the Marley project have accepted their invitation to join the Morley project.
  •, a public Y-DNA database
  • Results submitted by test subjects/contacts directly to the Morley Y-DNA project administrator.