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Free entry-level Y-DNA testing

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13 September 2013

In order to widen the geographical coverage of this project, the Morley Y-DNA Project is offering four free 12-marker Y-DNA tests. We seek male Morleys to represent the following regions:

  • Lincolnshire (with preference to the Bottesford/Scunthorpe area)
  • Norfolk/Suffolk
  • Lancashire
  • West Yorkshire

One free test per region of origin. Test subjects do not have to live in one of these regions.

Approximate value: 35 GBP (49 USD + one-way shipping) each

Shipping: shipping to the test subject is covered. The test subject is responsible for shipping the kit back to the lab (< 5 GBP).

To be eligible for this offer, you must:

  • be male;
  • possess the Morley surname (by birth);
  • provide a reasonably well-documented Morley lineage, rooted in one of these four regions and dating back to 1837 or earlier. The earlier, the better.

Interested in a Morley line from one of these areas, but aren't a male Morley? Why not recruit one of your male Morley relatives?

12-marker Y-DNA testing, although basic by today's standards, is often sufficient for determining groups within the same surname. A significant mismatch at the 12-marker level will rule out a connection. Further testing is often needed to confirm a connection between Morleys matching at the 12-marker level. Think of this initiative as a preliminary survey. We value breadth over depth.

For further information, see our project FAQ and other links in the left-hand panel.

To apply, please contact the project administrator (Chris Morley). He has the final say in selecting the recipients of these free tests.

We are very grateful to our benefactors for this opportunity!