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Most-wanted Morleys

We seek representation from all Morley families, worldwide. This project is just starting, so the odds are that your Morley family group is under-represented in this study.

This list of Morley family groups  shows all of the Morley families currently followed through this project. If your Morley line isn't represented, please join and make sure it gets some attention too.

Morley Y-DNA test subjects (i.e. men with the surname Morley) with ties to any of the following locations are particularly desired:

  • Lancashire
    • Whalley
    • Blackburn
    • Rochdale
    • Lancaster
    • Over Wyresdale
    • Cockerham
    • Caton
    • Wennington
    • Hornby
    • Pilling
    • Garstang
    • Preston
    • Formby
    • Altcar
    • Lydiate
    • Liverpool
  • Yorkshire
    • Halifax (Calderdale)
    • Bradford
    • Leeds
    • Selby
    • Kirkburton
    • Skelmanthorpe
    • Holme-on-Spalding-Moor
    • Rotherham
    • Wycliffe (in County Durham since 1974)
  • Lincolnshire
    • Bottesford (near Scunthorpe)
  • Cheshire
    • Stockport
    • Dukinfield
  • Staffordshire
    • Leek
    • Crewe
  • Sussex
    • Cowfold
    • Brighton
    • Glynde
    • Lewes
  • Surrey
    • Haslemere
  • Warwickshire
    • Honington
  • Norfolk (one free basic Y-DNA test available to a male Morley with Norfolk or Suffolk roots)
  • Suffolk (one free basic Y-DNA test available to a male Morley with Norfolk or Suffolk roots)
    • Mildenhall
  • Nottinghamshire
    • Sneinton
  • Derbyshire
    • especially Brampton, Chesterfield
  • Devonshire
  • Canada
    • Descendants of George Morley d. 1766 Trinity Harbour, Newfoundland
      • Branched out to Nova Scotia and throughout the USA.
      • Already represented by one test subject, but we're always looking for more researchers of this line.
      • See here for further details, showing the descent of one researcher from George Morley (b. 1759, husband of Mary Kendrick) via two lines.
  • USA:
    • A male-line descendant of Abel Morley (son of Thomas Morley -- purportedly from Bottesford, Lincolnshire -- by his wife Martha Wright)
    • A male-line descendant of Dimmick Morley (1750-1834), of Chenango County, NY
    • Methuen, Massachusetts
    • Gonzales County, Texas
    • Southwestern Indiana
  • South Africa
    • Krugersdorp
  • Morocco
    • Tangier

Got a Morley line/location you'd like to see added to this list? Suggest it in this forum thread. Please also let us know if you are willing to sponsor testing for a particular lineage/location.

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For male Morleys with deep roots in Lincolnshire, Norfolk/Suffolk, Lancashire or West Yorkshire. [read more]

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