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Morley Y-DNA Project: Objectives

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Toponymic evidence suggests that the Morley surname had multiple founders: it is a locative surname, and there are at least 8 places in England bearing this name or a variation thereof. Preliminary genetic evidence supports this theory. The Morley Y-DNA project aims

  • to determine which Morley family groups -- in England and elsewhere -- share a common progenitor;
  • to predict a geographical origin for each set of related family groups;
  • to use genetic information (characteristic STR mutations and possibly private SNPs) to deduce genealogical structure within each set of related family groups; and
  • to test existing genealogical claims and to promote/enable further research into the Morley surname.

In other words, this project strives to use genetics to help to sort out and extend the various Morley lineages.

In addition to facilitating the above, aims to connect researchers interested in Morleys from the same geographical region.