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Morleys from Ticknall, Derby

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Theorised origin
Morley, Derbyshire
Possible offshoot of
Forename patterns
Moses, Job
External resources
Shares family names Job and Moses with contemporanous Morleys in Heptonstall (Family 1), but this appears to be coincidental.
First recorded
Longest association
159 years
Last recorded
Marker Count
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The LDS "Derbyshire, Church of England Parish Registers, 1538-1910" collection has Morleys in Ticknall dating back to 1657 (an unnamed child of Edward Morley). Thomas Morley was buried the following year, and Sibilla Morley in 1663. So Morleys were likely established in this area prior to this time. According to the same resource there were also Morleys in the neighbouring parishes of Repton and Hartshorne, as far back as 1595. And there was a Morley marrige in Egginton in 1561. Across the county border in Stafforshire, there were Morleys in Burton-upon-Trent as early as 1420 (see marker code 100 -- Miscellaneous England).

Job and Moses -- naming coindicences?

This family group features at least two Job Morleys (Job child of Job "Morly", buried 9 July 1687), and another (presumably the father of the first) buried 15 August 1708. Other baptisms, for children of Job Morley and Anne his wife: John Morly (1679) and Mary Morly (1686).


A Moses Morley, birthdate unknown, was married at Ticknall in 1737 or 1738 to Mary Barrot. There are recorded baptisms for children Mary (1739[/40?]), Ane (27 May 1742), [unnamed] (also 27 May 1742), Sarah (1744[/45?]), Ann (1747[48?]) and Bridget (24 June 1751). There is also a burial recorded for Moses, on 18 February 1751. It's not clear from the LDS index whether this is 1750/51 or 1751/52. This record needs to be confirmed. It is possible that Bridget was baptised posthumously.


Compare these Ticknall individuals with the two Job Morleys from Morley of Halifax Family A: Job bapt. 1676 at Heptonstall, and his son bapt. there in 1713. The elder Job is last spotted in late 1735. He had a son named Moses born maybe a decade or more before 1735. This Moses married at Halifax in 1749 and was buried at Heptonstall in 1801.


Another Job Morley was buried at Duffield in 1800. No connection has been found between the Morley family groups in Duffield, Ticknall and Halifax.






Surname: Morley
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Ticknall, Derbyshire, England
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