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New to DNA testing?

Ready to order a Y-DNA kit? Please make sure to consult with the group administrator. A 37-or 67-marker kit is recommended, but your particular situation may call for something else. Testing at 12 markers is better than not testing at all.

Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) is this project's preferred testing company. It was chosen because of its track record, and its leadership in Y-DNA research. It also offers the widest range of Y-DNA products.

Consequently, the Morley Y-DNA project has an FTDNA project page (although the main content for this study is at Make sure you order your kit through this project. This will allow the project administrator to track the progress of your order and to analyse your results. Moreover, you will qualify for the group discount.

A 37-marker Y-DNA kit ordered at the group discount is regularly $149 (US dollars). And a 67-marker Y-DNA kit ordered at the group discount is regularly $238 (US dollars). Postage is extra. Family Tree DNA holds sales a few times throughout the year, and there is usually a major year-end sale. Savings are typically in the range of 15-20%.

FTDNA stores your DNA sample in a secure facility, so it is possible to upgrade at a later date to a higher-resolution product, without providing another DNA sample. Testing at 37 markers and then upgrading to 67 markers is marginally more expensive than ordering 67 markers at the outset.

The Morley Y-DNA project is not financially affiliated with FTDNA.


Already tested with FTDNA?


If you've already tested your Y-DNA with Family Tree DNA, you can join the Morley project with this link. If you do not want your results displayed publicly, please contact the group administrator in advance.

If you've already ordered another FTDNA project (mtDNA, Family Finder, Population Finder) then you will need to order a Y-DNA test. See the instructions above. Make sure you place your order on your existing kit.

Already tested with another lab?


If you've already had your Y-DNA tested with another company, it may be possible to transfer your results, although they won't overlap perfectly with the FTDNA results.

Make contact with the group administrator and then email your results (as a screenshot, preferably, to reduce the chance of transcription errors). They will be added to the master spreadsheet.

The project administrator has a program for converting results into the FTDNA format (different labs report markers in different orders, and sometimes marker values are reported differently).

Your options for further exploration (i.e. having higher-resolution tests performed) with your current lab are likely somewhat limited. Family Tree DNA allows people who tested at other labs to re-test with Family Tree DNA (with the option to upgrade to a higher-resolution test) at a discounted cost.

Tested with 23andMe?

This merits additional discussion.

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