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Places named Morley (and variants)

Family overview


Marker IDSurnamePlaceYear rangeLast modified
270MorleyMarley, Kent1200-1900TBD
271MorleyMarley Lane, Battle, Sussex1200-1900TBD
272MorleyMorlaix, France1200-1900TBD
273MorleyMurley, Devon1200-1900TBD
274MorleyMurlai, Norfolk1200-1900TBD
321Morley (from Gaelic)County Mayo, Ireland1200-1900TBD
1060MoryleghMorylegh, near Chorley and Charnock, Lancashire1350-1350TBD
1061MorleyMorilegh, Bilsborrow, Lancashire1200-1900TBD
1062MorleyMarley Farm, Smarden, Kent1200-1900TBD
1079MorleyMorley Farm, Eastcourt Crudwell, Wiltshire1200-1900TBD
1084MorleyMorley field, Warminster, Salisbury1200-1900TBD
1087MorleyMorley Hall, Barrow, Cheshire1200-1900TBD
1088MorleyMorley's Bridge, co. Kerry, Ireland1200-1900TBD
1089MorleyGreat and Little Morley Hey, Statham, Lymm, Cheshire1200-1900TBD
1111MorleyMorley Grove, Askesden, Essex1200-1900TBD
1138MorleyMoorleas Farm. Waltham on the Wolds, Leicestershire1200-1900TBD
1139MorleyMoorley, Birdwell, Barnsley, West Yorkshire1200-1900TBD
1140MorleyMoor Lees Farm, Gayton, Staffordshire1200-1900TBD
1188MorleyMoreley, Eccleston, Lancashire1200-1900TBD
1215MoorleyMoor Leys Wood, Birdwell, Barnsley, West Riding of Yorkshire1200-1900TBD
1216MorebyMoreby, Stillingfleet, North Riding of Yorkshire1200-1900TBD

Genealogical notes

Morley in Bilsborrow dates to at least 1248 ["Morileie (in Bilsborrow)"; De Hoghton Papers and Deeds, p. 241], and there was a Richard de Morley in Bilsborrow in the early 1300s.


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