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Family of Joseph Theodore Morley: Ohio, Indiana and Illinois

Family overview


Marker IDSurnamePlaceYear rangeLast modified
957MorleyDecatur County, Indiana1850-1850TBD
958MorleyHancock County, IL1850-1850TBD
959Morleysomewhere in Ohio1800-1800TBD

Genealogical notes has two members belonging to this lineage. The members have respectively been assigned marker codes 61 (this page) and 65. These marker sets may eventually be merged.

Both members have trees on, and these trees align on most details:

The earliest known member of this line was Joseph Morley. He was from Ohio, according to an undated "US and International Marriage Records: 1560-1900" index entry. He and others in his family died of cholera in the 1850s, while migrating westward. His son Joseph Theodore Morley survived and has living Morley descendants.


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Michael adds, in an email to project co-ordinator Chris Morley:

"I have not found any connection to Isaac Morley and believe my Joseph T. being in Hancock County (and dying there) is merely coincidence as Joseph & Martha had been living on a farm in Decatur County, Indiana next to Martha's parents (Bailey Johnson) for some years prior to traveling by wagon westward where they contracted Cholera and died in Hancock County, IL. The young surviving Joseph Theodore Morley (Jr.) grew up there in IL and moved to Harrison County, MO. He was the only male left in that family that we know of and interestingly he married Emma CASE who was a child when one of the Morley surviving girls was adopted by her parents. (Gideon & Priscilla CASE) That couple Joseph T.  & Emma case MORLEY had a large family, one son was my Grandfather[...]"

In August 2015 the other member wrote:

"I think from census records that [the husband of Martha Johnson]'s birthday is closer to 1805 not 1818. Also, there isn't any evidence, that I know of, that his middle name was Theodore."

Indeed, the 1840 census for Decatur County, Indiana indicates that Joseph's household had one adult female, one boy under five and one girl under ten -- presumably his wife and children. Consistent with Michael's information, Bailey Johnson is head of the neighbouring household. There is also an 1855 Illinois state census, win which one Joseph Morley appears in Township 14, Coles County. Joseph's age ranges on the 1840 (30-40) and 1855 (50-60) censuses are consistent with being born between 1800-1805.

Unlike the 1840 and 1855 censuses, the 1850 census enumerates the entire household and provides birth years and states. It would therefore be helpful to locate Joseph's 1850 census return. The best match is the return for Marion Township, Decatur County, Illinois, for one Joseph Moley [sic].

Year: 1850; Census Place: Marion, Decatur, Indiana; 
M432_142; Page: 89A; Image: 184
( image 11 of 39)
NameAge in 1850Birth State
Joseph Moley [sic]50OH
Mary "43KY
Elanor Y "14IND
John B "12IND
Margaret E "9IND
Nancy J "7IND
Mary A "6IND
Theopholas "4IND
Joseph "1IND


In favour of this being the correct Joseph: children named Nancy J, Mary A and Joseph, all at the appropriate ages; an implied Ohio birth for Joseph within the expected year range.

Against this being the correct Joseph: the wife is enumerated as Mary rather than Martha, and there is no son named William.

Some online pedigrees place Joseph Morley as the child of Asahel Morley and Asenath Warren. While this couple had a son Joseph born about 1803, they lived in Massachusetts. Moreover, Asahel is a member of the largest family of American Morleys. That lineage has been well tested, and its Y-DNA signature does not match with the descendant of Joseph Theodore Morley.

The second- and third-largest American Morley families trace to Maryland and Pennsylvania, respectively. Neither of these families have tested yet. The Morleys from Maryland favoured the name Joseph, and some members went to Ohio, but no place in that family has been found where this Joseph Morley could fit.



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