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Morleys from Rotherham and Vicinity

Family overview


Marker IDSurnamePlaceYear rangeLast modified
325MorleyGreasbrough, Rotherham1788-1839TBD
962Morley-VaughanHalifax General Hospital1949-1950TBD
963MorleyHalifax General Hospital1949-1950TBD
964MorleyIllingworth, Halifax1949-1950TBD
965MorleySt James Hospital, Leeds1949-1950TBD
966MorleyTong, Bradford1929-1981TBD
968MorleyKimberworth, Rotherham1891-1955TBD
969MorleySwinton, Rotherham1858-1895TBD
970MorleyBradgate, Rotherham1832-1906TBD
971MorleyGreasbrough, Rotherham1807-1875TBD
972MorleyGreasbrough, Rotherham1788-1839TBD

Genealogical notes

The Ancestry tree linked above was researched and prepared by Byron130.

This family was the subject of a query in Yorkshire County Magazine, vol. 1, ed. JH Turner (1891). According to the querent ("M.R."):

  • Henry died at Scholes (west of Greasbrough) in 1789.
  • Henry was active in land transactions at Scholes between 1758 and 1774.
  • He had previously married a woman named Margaret, who was buried at Greasbrough in 1779. Their only child Mary lived to maturity and married a Fletcher from Hunslet.

Supporting information has yet to be located for the latter two points, but they suggest that Henry was older than previously thought. This could also be a conflation of two generations of Henry Morleys. It would be helpful to know when/where Henry married Margaret. Failing this, it would be helpful to know when/where their daughter Mary was born, or when/where she married. There was a Mary Morley who married a Thomas Fletcher in 1763 at Halifax (both of Midgley), but this Mary was almost certainly the daughter of John Morley and Elizabeth Wadsworth from Family 2.

Henry's place of death is not mentioned in his burial record, but his abode is apparently given as Scholes on his 1782 marriage record.

Ann Morley, daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Morley of Scholes was baptised at Greasbrough on 3 August 1777. The mother was probably Elizabeth Machon/Machin, married to Thomas Morley at Rotherham 4 May 1777 [IGI (user-submitted); Ancestry Yorkshire Extracted Parish Records].

Several other families lived at Scholes, according to the baptismal registers. Joseph and Hannah Gillot were living at Scholes at the time of their daughter Anne's 11 November 1770 baptism.

The name Morley features in some place names near Scholes and Greasbrough. Search for "Morley Pond" on the online Ordnance Survey and then pan right. Any connection to this family?

Greenwoods from Morley par. Rotherham appear as early as 1558 [YRS vol. XIV]. The Historical Gazeteer of England's Place-Names has other early references. There was a Morley Lodge in Greasbrough, as early as 1854 [Kelly's Directory]. And there are references to an abode called 'Morley' in the Greasbrough parish registers as early as 1751.

There were three Morlay/Morlaye burials in Rotherham in the 1550s. There are a few early Rotherham Morley entries in Ancestry's Yorkshire Extracted Parish Records collection (search by surname: Morley and keyword: Rotherham).



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