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Morley of Halifax, Family B

Family overview


Marker IDSurnamePlaceYear rangeLast modified
21MorleyErringden, Halifax, Yorkshire1734-1829TBD
25MorleyLuddendenfoot, Halifax, Yorkshire1771-1827TBD
26MorleyMilnerplace, Halifax, Yorkshire1771-1827TBD
27MorleyMidgley, Halifax, Yorkshire1740-1801TBD
28MorleyLittle Whitelee, Midgley, Halifax, Yorkshire1795-1801TBD
29MorleyFrost Hole, Erringden, Halifax, Yorkshire1791-1800TBD
30MorleyBlind Lane, Sowerby, Halifax, Yorkshire1762-1762TBD
31MorleyWheatley Royd, Sowerby, Halifax1824-1890TBD
32MorleyChurch, Accrington, Lancashire1819-1955TBD
33MorleySorell, Tasmania1830-1866TBD
34MorleyVictoria, Australia1920-2012TBD
35MorleyManchester, New Hampshire1883-1900TBD
36MorleySomerville, Massachusetts1900-1930TBD
37MorleyHalifax, Yorkshire1850-2012TBD
38MorleyLos Angeles, California1953-1981TBD
39MorleyVancouver, British Columbia1911-1927TBD
40MorleyHolmfirth, Yorkshire1840-1895TBD
41MorleyMytholmroyd, Halifax, Yorkshire1800-1840TBD
42MorleyBlackburn, Lancashire1838-1901TBD
43MorleySouth Shields, Durham1794-1797TBD
44MorleyNorth Shields, Northumberland1827-1829TBD
45MorleySouthgate, Horton, Bradford1841-1852TBD
46MorleyThornton, Bradford, Yorkshire1871-1878TBD
47MorleyPontefract, Yorkshire1900-1950TBD
48MorleyMorley, Yorkshire1861-1920TBD
49MorleyChurwell, Yorkshire1861-1920TBD
50MorleyHemsworth, Yorkshire1900-1950TBD
51MorleyHunslet, Leeds, Yorkshire1911-1950TBD
52MorleyOssett, Yorkshire1901-1975TBD
53MorleyNormanton, Yorkshire1901-1950TBD
54MorleyWakefield, Yorkshire1901-1975TBD
57MorleyHamilton, Ontario1884-1911TBD
233MorleyGreat Falls, MT1915-1920TBD
234MorleyLos Angeles, CA1930-1953TBD

Genealogical notes

This family group is covered extensively in Family B of The Morley Families of Halifax, West Yorkshire.


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