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Morley in Broughton, Gainsborough, Adlingfleet, Selby and Brayton

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Theorised origin
A connection with the Morleys of Bottesford is plausible, given location and the use of the name Edmund.
Possible offshoot of
Forename patterns
Joseph, Thomas, Edmund
External resources
Some members were Quakers
First recorded
Adlingfleet, West Riding of Yorkshire
Longest association
119 years
Last recorded
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
Marker Count
Markers last changed
Longest association
Adlingfleet, West Riding of Yorkshire
Probably extinct
This family is covered in more detail at, in a booklet outlining Lancashire and West Riding Morley families. Access is free but requires separate registration.
This family is covered in additional detail at, in a booklet outlining West Riding Morley families. Access is free but requires registration.
Edmund Morley, of Adlingfleet, fl. 1606; poss. age 50 in 1612

Edmund Morley [prob. same as above], d. of Adlingfleet; admon July 1620 Doncaster and Pontefract [must be 
    distinct from Edmund Morley of Holme (1575-c1636)]

-- Morley, d. bef. 1642
+ Jone --, d. of Adlingfleet, widow; probate 1641-2 York

Edmund Morley, of Adlingfleet; fl. 1672 Adlingfleet [Lady Day 1672 WRY Hearth Tax]; bur. 22 Aug. 1687; 
          1688: will proved in Yorks. Exchequer court, Pontefract; [see LRS vol. 44 p. 195 for information on 
          him and immediate descendants]
+ (14 May or 14 July 1667 Balby Monthly Meeting [LDS]) Jane Kilham (d/o John Kilham of Balby), d. 3 November 1716 aet. 70 
         [per LincsRecSoc vol 44: 2 sons, 2 daughters]
   Mary, bur. 31 October 1670 Gainsborough [LDS]
   Mary Morley, b. 11 December 1672; d. 29 July 1762 and bur. 30 inst. at Thealby 
            [children mentioned in Thomas Morley of Brayton's will]
   + (8 June 1705 Adlingfleet) Stephen Wressle, of Thealby
      Susanna(h) Wressle
      + William Driffield
      Jane Wressle
      Margaret Wressle
   John[? -- faintly written], b. 3 February 1676 (Broughton/Gainsborough MM); d. of Adlingfleet 
        [s/o Edmund and Jane] and bur. 8 August 1681 Broughton/Gainsborough [RG6/1318 fo. 16]
   Edmund, d. of Adlingfleet and bur. 28 September 1683 Broughton/Gainsborough [RG6/1318 fo. 18(35)]

John Morley, of Adlingfleet, fl. 1667; 
     prob. the John Morley of Adlingfleet fl. 1664, tenant of land in transaction involving Edmond Morley;
     fl. 1672 Adlingfleet [Lady Day 1672 WRY Hearth Tax]

John Morley [cf. above. And with John Morley of Scurf Hall, Newland, par Drax , father of Joseph Morley of 
    Selby (pedigree in preparation)]
+ --
   John [called John Morley Junior in 1668 and 1672 (but not 1675)]
   + Jane --
      Anne, bur. 6 January 1668 Broughton/Gainsborough [RG6/1318; "d/o John Morley Jun^r and Jane his wife"]
      Joseph, bur. 27 May 1671 Gainsborough [LDS]
      Joseph, b. 25 December 1675 Gainsborough [LDS];

[only the mother Jane is named. Unclear whether these children belong to Edmond or John Morley]
-- Morley
+ Jane
   Mary, bur. 15 August 1670 Broughton/Gainsborough [LDS]

-- Morley [probably Edmund, above. John Morley seems less likely.]
   Thomas, of Adlingfleet; d. 13 June 1725 and bur. on own land 15 inst.; 1726: [will (with tuition) proved 
           in Yorks. Exchequer court, Pontefract]
   + (15 August 1702 Thorne [LincRecSoc vol 44]) Phoebe Cook (d/o John Cook of Hatfield); 
           d. 8 December 1717 Gainsborough [LDS]
      Edmond, b. 18 September ["7th month"] 1703 Gainsborough; bur. 23 October ["8th month"] 1703 Gainsborough
      Edmond, b. 3 December 1704 Gainsborough
      Symond [sic Edmond?], d. 2 12mo. 1704 Gainsborough [LDS]
      Thomas, b. of Adlingfleet 23 10mo 1705 [RG6/1539 p. 10 (Gainsborough MM)]; 
          prob. coincides with husband of Eliz. Pockley (see below)
      Mary, b. 30 September 1708 Gainsborough [LDS]
      John, b. 19 January 1710 Gainsborough [LDS]; bur. 31 January 1710 Gainsborough [LDS]
      Margaret, b. 28 June 1711 Gainsborough [LDS];
          prob. coincides with wife of Thomas Wharrey (see below)
      Charles, b. 7 August 1716 Gainsborough [LDS]; bur. 13 December 1719 Gainsborough [LDS]
      Jonathan, b. 2 December 1717 Gainsborough [LDS]; d. 1 April 1718 Gainsborough [LDS]
      Joseph, b. ????; d. 5 12mo 1731 Barnsley and bur. 7 inst. [PN1538 fo. 87(243): Gainsborough MM]
      Phoebe (not counted in LincRecSoc vol 44 tally of Thomas' children, 
              which says there were 8 sons and 2 daughters))
      + (13 February 1735/6 Gainsborough [RG6/1121 fo. 52 (Brigg MM)]; groom: of Armley, Leeds; bride: d/o 
        Thomas and Phoebe Morley deceased of "Adlingstreet in Marsland co. York" [sic] (deceased); wit: 
        Samuel Morley, Jo: Morley junior) Robert Arthington
         Ann --, d. 12 April 1815 Leeds aet. abt. and bur. 16 inst. Leeds
         + -- Jowitt
            Jane Jowitt [sic Arthington?] ["wife of Benj. Jowitt and grandaughter of Phoebe Morley"], 
                 d. 13 February 1848 aet. 58.5y and bur. 18th inst. Pontefract
            + (?20 July 1831 Holy Trinity Micklegate, York [LDS]: Benjamin Jowitt and Jane Arthington) Benjamin Jowitt
   Margaret, d. 21 October 1740
   + (1700) John Simpson
   + (25 May 1718 Gainsborough) Thomas Raines

Catherine Ann Morley, d.c. 1788 of Garthorpe, Lincolnshire [will proved at Prerogative court of York]
[infant] Morley, d.c. 1788 of Garthorpe, Lincolnshire [will proved at Prerogative court of York]
Richard Morley, d.c. 1788 of Garthorpe, Lincolnshire [will proved at Prerogative court of York] 
        [appears twice in British Origins index]

Most of the information below is from Thomas Morley's 1747 will and Joseph Morley's family Bible.
-- Morley 
+ --
   Thomas [likely Thomas Morley, husband of Phoebe Cook, above]
   + -- [probably Phoebe Cook, rather than a Robinson heiress]
      Thomas, of Brayton, 1710: he or his father defendant in Ayscough v. Morley inheritance dispute re: 
            Thomas Robinson estate [TNA C8/489/1]; 1745: inherited Robinson lands (connection to benefactor 
            Thomas Robinson unknown); will: 17 May 1747; prob. d. 5 February 1747/8 London [will names sister 
            Margaret Wharrey]
      + Elizabeth Pockley (d/o Robert Pockley, Esq.) [acc. to Thomas' will and Poulson's Seigniory of Holderness, p. 241]
         Robinson Morley, 1766: monument at Brayton
         Thomas, under 21 in 1747; prob. d.c. 1766 of Brayton [will proved at Prerogative court of York]
      Margret, bur. 11 July 1758 Selby [per Morrell, p. 226]; Michael C is researching this line.
      + (23 August 1734 Selby) Thomas Wharrey, bur. 11 September 1778 Selby [per Morrell, p. 226]
         Margaret, b. bef. 1747 [mentioned in Thomas Morley's will]
         Morley Wharrey [monument at Selby], d. 4 [per Morell] or 9 September 1797 aet. 44 of Selby; 
                 per Morley Bible: "son of Margret Morley daughter of Thomas Morley Bro^r of old Josep^t 
                 Morley"; "is Father was Thomas Wharrey a Chirch Man"
         + Elizabeth (d/o Rev. Marmaduke Teasdale, vicar of Brayton and Selby) d. 31 Dec. 1842 aet. 97
             -- Wharrey
             + --
                Sophia Theresa --, d. 1 August 1817 [per Morell]
                + Robert Buchannan 
   Joseph, b.c. 1686; d. 3 March 1764 ["3th of the third month"] and bur. 11 March 1764 Gainsborough 
           aet. 77; [will]; probably NOT the Joseph Morley s/o John b.c. 1676.
   + (22 June 1711 Waddington [LincRecSoc vol. 44 p. 195] or 22 August 1711 Broughton Monthly Meeting, 
           Lincolnshire [LDS]) Sarah Barlow (d/o John Barlow), b.c. 1692; d. 30 November 1742 and 
           bur. 2 December 1742 Gainsborough aet. "50 years & goeing on one"
      Deborah, b. 26 April 1712 Gainsborough; d. 4 March 1767 and bur. Gainsborough 7 inst. aet. 54y7m
      Hannah, b. 24 April 1713 Gainsborough; d. of Gainsboroug14 5mo 1713
      Mary, b. 7 June 1714 Gainsborough; d. 13 February 1715 [1714/15?]
      John, b. 25 October 1715 Gainsborough; d. 14 April 1764 and bur. 16 April 1764 Gainsborough aet. 48y7m; 
      + Ann --, d. 7 August 1751 and bur. Gainsborough [per Bible: aet. 53 (sic 43?)]
      Sarah, b. 21 September 1717 Gainsborough
      + (9 January 1739 [LDS]) Joseph Welch
         Mary Welch, d. 23 April 1792 aet. 52 and bur. 26 inst. Gainsborough; 
             ["Grandaughter of Joseph Morley daughter of Sarah Welch, the last of the Family and 
              House at Gainsborough"]
      Joseph, b. 20 October 1718 Gainsborough; d. 26 June 1737 aet. 19
      Jane, b. 9 February 1722 Gainsborough; d. 10 March 1722
      Edmund/Edmond, b. 8 February 1725 Gainsborough; 1765: poss. a grocer and chandler; d. 3 August 1770 and bur. 5 inst. Gainsborough 
             aet. 45y2m [will; no indication of a wife or children; mentions nephew Joseph Morley]
      Thomas, b. 20 February 1727 Gainsborough; d. 30 September 1787 aet. 60y5m and bur. October 1787 Gainsborough [will]
      + (10 September 1759 Spalding/Wainfleet MM; groom: s/o Jos. Morley of Gainsborough grocer; bride: widow,
            of Spalding, Lincs.; wit. John Morley et al.) Mary -- (widow Hutchinson), [mentioned in 
            brother-in-law John's will, but not by name]; 1787: husband's legatee and executor
         Thomas, b. 7 11mo 1760 Gainsborough and d. 25 inst.
         Mary, bapt. 9 October 1761 Gainsborough MM [LDS]; [not mentioned in uncle John's 1763 will -- d. young?]
         Ann, bapt. 18 October 1762 Gainsborough MM [LDS]; mentioned in uncle John's 1763 will; 
            bur. 12 July 1764 Gainsborough
         Joseph, b. 22 March 1764; d. 1 July 1771 aet. 7y7m and bur. 3 inst. [mentioned in JM Bible, and 
            entry names his parents and grandfather]         --
         + (bef. 1787 -- named in Thomas Morley's will as son-in-law) John Burt, grocer of Bassingham
         Deborah, bapt. 19 February 1773 Gainsborough MM [LDS]; bur. Gainsborough 1789 aet. 16
         John, b. 13 8mo 1768; bur. 20 4mo 1769 and bur. Gainsborough MM
      Whaley [f], b. 31 March 1730 Gainsborough; d. 24 November 1730 [per LincRecSoc vol 44, p. 182, 'Whaley' 
            comes from the Barlow side]

-- Morley
+ --
   Joseph, surgeon, of Selby, d. 4 December 1784 aet. 80 [per Morrell, p. 226]; 
        [will of Thomas Morley of Brayton calls him a "cousin". Maybe not a first cousin. ]
   + (bond [LDS]: 24 July 1735 Selby; groom: 30, bride: 25) Catherine Hoskett, d. 25 February 1783 [per Morrell, p. 226]
      ?John, bapt. 17 January 1746 Selby [LDS]

John Morley, of Snaith [Mentioned in the Joseph Morley Bible, so probably connected. Connection not known.]
+ --
   Samuel, b.c. 3 March 1713; a butcher; d. 3 of Gainsborough [4th, per Bible] 6mo 1746 and bur. 6 inst. 
        Gainsborough [aet. 33y3m1d per Bible]

Seth Walker, schoolmaster at Brigg; d. 20 April 1738 and bur. 24 April 1738 Gainsborough [not known why he 
       is mentioned in the Morley Bible]

== Miscellaneous entries in LDS indices ==

John Morley
+ (10 6mo 1744 Beltoft [Gainsborough MM]) Ann Everatt of Gainsborough

Thomas Morley
+ (19 February 1750 All Saints, Gainsborough [LDS]) Ann Hodgkinson

Bridget Morley, bur. 28 November 1713 Gainsborough [LDS]

Edmond Morley, bur. 22 October 1686 Broughton/Gainsborough [LDS]

Richard Morley
+ (8 November 1732 Selby [LDS]) Mary Morley

Jonathan Morley
+ Mary --
   Mary, bapt. 16 January 1706 Adlingfleet [LDS]

Joseph Morley, bapt. 30 April 1726 Fishlake [LDS; father not named]

John Morley
+ (29 June 1725 Blacktoft, NRY [LDS]) Alice (Alis) Henlock

== Snaith, Yorkshire LDS index entries, ad Ancestry Yorkshire Extracts entries, up to 1750 ==

Janet Morley
+ (3 December 1616 Snaith [LDS]) Edward Whittmorgan

William Morley, poss. bur. 3 January 1686 [LDS]
+ --
   Francis, bur. 1 April 1670 Snaith [LDS]
   Thomas, bur. 6 January 1676 Snaith [LDS]
William Morley, poss. bur. 1 October 1735 [LDS]
+ -- (poss. Susannah Arner, m. 9 January 1704 Snaith [LDS])
   Thomas, bur. 10 October 1709 Snaith [LDS]
   Mary, bur. 13 March 1716 Snaith [LDS]

John Morley
+ (17 January 1720 Snaith [LDS]) Ellen Barker

John Morley, bur. 18 September 1722 Snaith [LDS] 

John Morley
+ (30 October 1733 Snaith [LDS]) Ann Martin

Ann Morley, bur. 17 December 1740 Snaith [LDS]

John Morley
+ (27 March 1744 Snaith [LDS]) Sarah Ashforth

Thomas Morley
+ Nanny --
   + Jane Evury (d/o Joseph and Nanny Evury)
      Ann, bapt. Carlton Juxta Snaith [Anc:YKS; entry names parents and grandparents; date not indexed; 
           bapt. 1807 per LDS]

Jonet Morley "of Balne Poll"
+ (3 December 1616 Snaith [Anc:YKS]) Edward Whittingham

Martin Morley
+ --
   Andrew, bapt. 24 December 1689 Carlton Juxta Snaith [Anc:YKS]
   John, bapt. 11 February 1691 Carlton Juxta Snaith [Anc:YKS]

William Morley, witnessed a Carlton Juxta Snaith marriage on 1 August 1793 [Anc:YKS]

James Morley
+ (27 November 1804 Carlton Juxta Snaith [Anc:YKS]; both of Carlton) Sarah Barran

Thomas Morley
+ Dinah --, d. 22 January 1810 of consumption aet. 37 and bur. Carlton Juxta Snaith [Anc:YKS]

== Balby, Yorkshire LDS index entries, up to 1750 ==

TODO: confirm that this is Balby, Yorkshire (near Doncaster), and not Barmby on the Marsh (near Drax), or 
Barlby (near Selby).

John Morley, bur. 10 July 1715 Balby [LDS]

John Morley, d. 18 8mo 1715 of Snaith bur. Fishlake/Rawcliffe [PN1114 fo 160(327) (Balby MM)]

John Morley
+ Miriam --
   Mary, b. 17 11mo 1705 [RG6/1114 fo. 26(61) Fishlake/Rawcliffe (Balby MM)]; d. of Snaith and bur. 31 1mo 
      1706 Fishlake/Rawcliffe (Balby MM)
   John, b. 13 4mo 1707 Fishlake/Rawcliffe [PN1114 fo 62 (Balby MM)]
   Edmund, b. 13 9mo 1709 Fishlake/Rawcliffe [PN1114 fo 62 (Balby MM); no mother mentioned]; ?d. 18 January 
      1738 of St Sepulchres, London, of consumption, aet. 29, and bur 21 inst. near Bunhill Fields [RG6/330 
      fo. 191(383) (London/Middlesex Quarterly Meeting: Peel Burials)]
   Mary, b. 17 11mo 1711 Tadcaster [PN1376 fo 33 (Balby MM)]; bur. 12 March 1712 Balby [LDS]
   Samuel, b. 3 3mo 1713 Fishlake/Rawcliffe [PN1114 fo 27(63) (Balby MM); no mother mentioned]
       (prob. coincides with Samuel Morley, butcher, s/o John Morley "of Snaith" mentioned in Joseph Morley Bible, above)

Mary Morley
+ (22 September or 22 November 1709 Balby [LDS]) Stephen Hollings

Ferdinando Morley
+ (15 9mo 1743 Rawcliffe Meeting) Mary Bailey, d. 14 4mo 1752 of Thorne [RG6/1114 (Balby MM)]
   William, b. 4 3mo 1745 of Thorne [RG6/1114 (Balby MM)]; d. 23 6mo 1757 of Thorne [RG6/1114 (Balby MM)]
   Hannah/Mary (twins?), b. 25 11mo 1746/7 [RG6/1114 (Balby MM)]
   Ferdinando, b. 21 8mo 1750 [RG6/1114 (Balby MM)]

Ferdinando Morley [senior?], d. 11 1mo 1760 of Thorne [RG6/1114 fo. 352 (Balby MM)]
Elisabeth Morley, d. 2 10mo 1758 of Thorne [RG6/1114 (Balby MM)]


(1) The source material does not use double dates for pre-1752 events. So it is not clear whether an event
reported such as  "1 January 1725" should be interpreted as "1 January 1724/5" or "1 January 1725/6". Probably
the former.

(2) Unless stated otherwise, all events tagged "Gainsborough [LDS]" are LDS index entries for Gainsborough 
Quaker records. Likewise for "Balby [LDS]". The actual records may contain additional information, and the LDS
index may contain some errors.


The Bible entries were started by Joseph Morley (or his wife) and continued by some of their descendants. The Bible is dated 1681, but written inside is "Magdalene Holland her booke Annoque domini: 1648 John Holland wrote this". Also written inside: "John Brumby of Srotton [sic Scotton?] Book 1695". It is now known if these people are related to the Morleys that later owned the book. Finally: "Mary Welch Left to Benjn and Ann Jowitt, Gainsborough 4mo 23d 1792". Joseph's daughter Sarah likely carried on the entries after his death.

Thomas Morley of Brayton's will mentions:

  • late father-in-law Robert Pockley (?executors: William Osbaldeston of Hunnanby, co. York and his brother the Very Rev. Richard Osbaldeston D.D., Dean of York)
  • sons Robinson Morley (elder) and Thomas Morley (younger; < 21)
  • sister Mrs Margaret Wharrey, wife of Thomas Wharrey of Selby (and their daughter Margaret)
  • "my Cousin Cook Watson Son of my Cousin Watson of Howden in the said County of York widow" (connection unknown -- related through Phoebe Cook? There was a Cooke Watson bapt. 13 August 1729 at Adlingfleet, s/o William Watson, who may be the William Watson Junior who married Phoebe Cook (aet. 22) on 11 January 1724 at York.)
  • "my Cousin Joseph Morley of Selby aforesaid Surgeon" and all his children (not enumerated)
  • "my Cousin Thomas Morley son of my uncle Joseph Morley of Gainsbrough"
  • "my Cousins Jane Wressell and Margaret Wressel of Thealby in the County of Lincoln Spinsters"
  • "my Cousin Susanna Driffield (née Wressell) Wife of William Driffield of Thealby aforesaid husbandman" -- annuity payable out of lands at Adlingfleet [see 1, 2]
  • money to the poor of Adlingfleet
  • Tabitha Cryer, widow, was living with him

The references to the Wressell sisters in Thomas Morley's will connects Thomas Morley of Brayton to Edmund Morley of Adlingfleet.



Surname: Morley
Title Start Year End Year Added Updated
Adlingfleet, West Riding of Yorkshire
1606 1725 2013-12-30 2013-12-30
Gainsborough, Lincolnshire
1670 1787 2013-12-30 2013-12-30
Balby, West Riding of Yorkshire
1705 1713 2013-12-30 2013-12-30
Selby, West Riding of Yorkshire
1735 1784 2013-12-30 2013-12-30
Snaith, West Riding of Yorkshire
1746 1746 2013-12-30 2013-12-30
Brayton, West Riding of Yorkshire
1747 1766 2013-12-30 2013-12-30


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