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Isaac Morley family of Sprotbrough and Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire

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First recorded
Sprotbrough, West Riding of Yorkshire
Longest association
139 years
Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire
Last recorded
Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire
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Probably extinct
This family is covered in more detail at, in a booklet outlining Lancashire and West Riding Morley families. Access is free but requires separate registration.
This family is covered in more detail at, in a booklet outlining West Riding Morley families. Access is free but requires registration.

Sir Isaac Morley, mayor of Doncaster, was a member of this family. Charles Jackson's Doncaster charities past and present (page 52) explains how Isaac received his knighthood: the city of Doncaster twice sent congratulatory messages to Queen Victoria, each time delivered by the then-mayor Isaac Morley, and the Queen conferred knighthood on Isaac to show her gratitude to him and the town.


There may have been earlier members of this family named Isaac, living in Doncaster and Sprotbrough.


Isaac Morley
+ (1733 Sprotbrough [LDS]) Lucy Booth
   Isaac, bapt. 24 September 1734 Sprotbrough [LDS]
   Mary, bapt. 22 March 1735 Sprotbrough [LDS]
   Elizabeth, bapt. 17 June 1738 Sprotbrough [LDS]
   William, bapt. 7 March 1740 Doncaster [LDS]; bur. 4 March 1821 aet. 81 Doncaster [FMP:Doncaster Burials]
   Joseph, bapt. 24 April 1745 Doncaster [LDS]
   Thomas, bapt. 16 September 1750 Doncaster [LDS]

Isaac Morley
+ --
   Lucy, bur. 4 January 1765 Doncaster (d/o Isaac) [FMP:Doncaster Burials]
Isaac Morley
+ (May 1765 Doncaster [LDS]) Mary Herringham

Isaac Morley
+ (6 April 1769 Doncaster [LDS] and 9 April 1769 Sprotbrough [LDS]) Elizabeth Bolton

Ann Morley, bur. 15 April 1835 Doncaster aet. 87, spinster [FMP:Doncaster Burials]

Joseph Morley
+ (29 October 1758 Doncaster [LDS]) Ann Stephenson

[likely parents of the William who d. in 1857, given that he named a child Mary Crompton Morley]
William Morley
+ (30 January 1770 Doncaster [LDS]) Margaret Crompton

-- Morley, d. bef. 1830
+ Marjorie --, bur. 25 March 1830 Doncaster (widow, aet. 82) [FMP:Doncaster Burials]

William Morley, will dated 8 April 1857; d. of Doncaster; will proved London 30 July 1857
+ Margaret Ainley/Aneley/Anelay
   William, b. 3 September 1797 and bapt. 1 November 1797 Doncaster [LDS]; 
                     bur. 19 December 1838 Doncaster [LDS ("William Jun Morley")]  
   Elizabeth, bapt. 6 September 1799 Doncaster [LDS]
   Sir Isaac, b. 5 October 1801 and bapt. 25 December 1801 Doncaster [LDS] [married, but no children]
   Margaret, b. 3 November 1803 and bapt. 2 January 1804 Doncaster [LDS]
   + (28 March 1825 Doncaster [LDS]) Benjamin Clough
      Benjamin Morley Clough, 1857: named in grandfather's will
   John Ainley Morley, bapt. 25 July 1806 Doncaster [LDS]; ?d. young
   Henry Rawson Morley, bapt. 19 October 1808 [LDS]; d. bef. 1857
   + --
      Isabelle, 1857: named in grandfather's will
      + -- Knowles
      Margaret, 1857: named in grandfather's will
   Mary Crompton Morley, bapt. 28 October 1811 Doncaster
   + (12 July 1832 Doncaster [LDS]) Henry Claughton, d. bef. 1857
+ Ann --, 
   Thomas Walker Morley, b. 25 March 1816 and bapt. 28 April 1816 "PRIORY PLACE FORMERLY SPRING GARDENS 
           WESLEYAN, DONCASTER" [LDS]; (?re-)bapt. 16 January 1828 Doncaster [per LDS index of Doncaster BT];
           (named in father's will)   
   John, bapt. 13 March 1818 Doncaster (non-conformist) [LDS]; ?d. young
           bur. 20 February 1820 Doncaster [LDS; s/o William Morley]
   John Wilberforce Morley, bapt. 16 January 1828 Doncaster [per LDS index of Doncaster BT]; d. bef. 1857?
   + (Q4 1844 Newcastle Upon Tyne Reg. Dist.) Mary Wakinshaw, 1857: poss. living in Byker township, 
            Newcastle-upon-Tyne [lease arrangements made in William's will]
+ Ellen --, named in William's will

Grandsons William Morley Pushon and Benjamin Morley Clough also named in William Morley's will.

William Morley, bur. 4 March 1821 Doncaster [LDS]


Miles Morley
+ --
   Robert, bapt. 31 May 1785 Doncaster [LDS]

Robert Morley, bur. 8 July 1826 Doncaster [LDS]

Miles Morley, b.c. 1752; 1803: liquor merchant of Doncaster?; JM points out that he was Mayor of Doncaster (in 1812); 
     d.c. May 1814 of Doncaster aet. 62; will proved 1815 at Exchequer court of York
+ (19 June 1783 Stillington [LDS]) Olive Halfpenny
   Thomas, bapt. 10 October 1786 Doncaster [LDS; parents: Miles and Olive Morley]
   Elizabeth, b.c. 1788 [per Genforum query]
   Miles, b. 26 April 1802 and bapt. 26 May 1802 Doncaster [LDS]; d. of Doncaster and 
      bur. 4 March 1826 Doncaster [LDS]


John Morley -- thought to be the progenitor of a family of Morleys in Selby. See also these Morleys in Selby
       with Adlingfleet roots.
+ (17 September 1753 Doncaster [LDS]) Ann Vicars [or Vickers, per [FMP:Boyd's Marriage Index]
   ?John, bapt. 18 November 1753 Doncaster [LDS] [mother not named]
   ?Mary, bapt. 18 October 1756 Doncaster [LDS] [mother not named]


George Morley, of Melton and Bentley (part of a High Melton chantry), fl. 1549

Jayne Morley, pauper, bur. 14 March 1589 Doncaster [FMP:Doncaster Burials]

George Morley, bur. 22 November 1617 Doncaster [FMP:Doncaster Burials]

Samuel Morley [per Anc:YKS he was the Vicar of Hickleton in 1639]
+ (11 December 1639 Hickleton [LDS]) Rosamunda Osburne

James Morley, porter, bur. 28 March 1660 Doncaster [FMP:Doncaster Burials]

Thomas Morley, of Wortley, bur. 6 August 1669 Doncaster [FMP:Doncaster Burials]

Francis Morley
+ --
   Frances, bur. 9 December 1682 Doncaster [FMP:Doncaster Burials]
   Ann, bur. 28 November 1686 Doncaster [FMP:Doncaster Burials]
   Ruth, bur. 8 December 1688 Doncaster [FMP:Doncaster Burials]
   Francis, bur. 4 June 1691 Doncaster [FMP:Doncaster Burials]

Mary Morley, traveller, bur. 5 August 1700 Doncaster [FMP:Doncaster Burials]

Francis Morley
+ (1707 Doncaster [FMP:Boyd's Marriage Index]) Hannah Greaves

George Morley
+ (1733 Doncaster [FMP:Boyd's Marriage Index]) Hannah Strivtivant [sic]

Joseph Morley
+ (1758 Doncaster [FMP:Boyd's Marriage Index]) Anne Stevenson

Hannah Morley
+ (1771 Doncaster [FMP:Boyd's Marriage Index]) Thomas Firrie

Elizabeth Morley
+ (1811 Doncaster [FMP:Boyd's Marriage Index]) John Morton

Benjamin Morley, 1825: farmer
+ (9 August 1813 Doncaster [Anc:YKS]; groom "of Finningley") Charlotte Hoyland
   Benjamin, bapt. 1 December 1810 Braithwell [LDS; bad transcription of the baptism below?]
   Benjamin, b. of "Wood Laiths par. Conisbrough" and bapt. 1 December 1816 Braithwell [Anc:YKS]
   Elizabeth, bapt. 16 February 1823 Thrybergh [LDS; d/o Benjamin and "Charllott"]
   Anne, b. "of Wood Laithes near B/y, but in par Conisbrough" and bapt. 16 January 1825 Braithwell [Anc:YKS]
   Thomas, b. of Wood Laithes and bapt. 17 December 1826 Braithwell [Anc:YKS]


Some records involving Morleys in Doncaster:

  • 1679: "George Gamble and George Gamble v. Richard Morley and others, re: property in Doncaster, Yorkshire" [C 5/485/12]
  • 1725: "John Sharpe, felt-maker and Martha Wade, spinster, both of Doncaster, Yorkshire v John Morley" [C 11/2386/9]


Living male-line descendants of this family are sought. It would be interesting to see if their Y-DNA is a match with the Morleys from Rotherham, Selby or Messingham, or with the Canadian Morley line thought to originate in Doncaster.


Surname: Morley
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Sprotbrough, West Riding of Yorkshire
1733 1769 2013-12-30 2013-12-30
Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire
1740 1879 2013-12-30 2013-12-30
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland
1844 1857 2013-12-30 2013-12-30


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