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Miscellaneous Morleys in Essex

Family overview


Marker IDSurnamePlaceYear rangeLast modified
1106MorleyFinchingfield, Essex1574-1618TBD
1107MorleySouth Weald, Essex1704-1704TBD
1108MorleyPentlow, Essex1541-1541TBD
1109MorleyOngar and Harlow Hundred, Essex1566-1572TBD
1110MorleyWivenhoe, Essex1572-1588TBD
1112MorleyColchester St Bartolph, Essex1650-1650TBD
1114MorleySible Hedingham1652-1652TBD
1117MorleyChappel (Pontisbright), Essex1676-1799TBD
1119MorleyHatfield Broad Oak, Essex1683-1683TBD
1121MorleyEarls Colne, Essex1693-1693TBD
1122MorleyCastle Hedingham, Essex1727-1727TBD
1123MorleyFordham, Essex1709-1709TBD
1124MorleyColchester, Essex1707-1707TBD
1126MorleyBarningham, Suffolk1693-1693TBD
1127MorleyThaxted, Essex1734-1749TBD
1129MorleyColchester, Essex1741-1741TBD
1132MorleyBarking, London1785-1785TBD
1133MorleyColchester, Essex1773-1778TBD
1134MorleyPlashet Field, East Ham, Essex1793-1817TBD

Genealogical notes

Morleys in Earls Colne, Essex

Data extracted from Earls Colne, Essex: Records of an English Village 1375-1854. See that website for further information on these individuals.


Robert Morley
~ --
    Henry, bapt. 1562 Earls Colne; 1590: Henry Morley alias Burton, adulterer; bur. 1614 Earls Colne
    + (1591 Earls Colne) Grace Greenwood; 1614: Henry's administrix; 1616: remarried George Noble; bur. 1636
            as Grace Noble
        Ann, bapt. 1592 Earls Colne
        Jeff, bapt. 1594 Earls Colne
        Elizabeth, bapt. 1599 Earls Colne
        Henry, bapt. 1610 Earls Colne; bricklayer; bur. 1693 Earls Colne
        + (1631 Earls Colne) Elizabeth Dobson; bur. 1671 Earls Colne
            John, bapt. 1636 Earls Colne; 1693: named as only son in father's will, butcher,
                  of "Baningham in the county of Suffolk" (Barningham, Suffolk, or Banningham, Norfolk?]
            Grace, bapt. 1639 Earls Colne
            + John Deeks, of Halstead
            Mary, bapt. 1642 Earls Colne; prob. bur. 1643 Earls Colne ["daughter" of Henry Morley]
            Mary, bapt. 1645 Earls Colne
            + -- Pye, of Halstead
            Anna, bapt. 1647 Earls Colne
            Henry, bapt. 1651 Earls Colne; prob. d. 1669 Earls Colne ["Hen Morley single buried"]
        + Ann --, bur. 1698 Earls Colne

John Morley, of Chappell, gentleman; first mentioned 1648; last mentioned 1702
+ (bef. 1648) Mary --; sister of Elizabeth Nevill of Chappel, gentlewoman who d. 1662

John Morley, fl. 1706-7 Earls Colne

John Morley, fl. 1720-1749 Earls Colne

John Morley, of Earls Colne; named 1749 as father of Henriette Letch

John Morley the younger, of Colchester, mentioned twice in 1741

Francis Morley, of Earls Colne; 1686: excommunicated

The Morleys in Barningham could be connected to this later family group which lived there.


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