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Morley of Glynde

Family overview


Marker IDSurnamePlaceYear rangeLast modified
7MorleyAspenden, Herts1435-1450TBD
8MorleyGlynde, Sussex1436-1679TBD
319MorleyWapsbourne, Chailey, Sussex1559-1582TBD
1073MorleyWakeley manor, Hertfordshire1436-1436TBD
1074MorleyMoor Hall, Ardeley, Hertfordshire1436-1436TBD
1075MorleyTannis Court, Aspenden, Hertfordshire1436-1436TBD
1116MorleyArdkeen, Ards Upper, co. Down, Ireland1580-1580TBD

Genealogical notes

Victorian sources typically ascribe a Lancashire origin to this family, placing Nicholas Morley of Glynde as son of Francis Morley of Wennington. Yet this is chronologically impossible. Nicholas lived in the mid 1400s, and Francis Morley was not born until about 1490!


In light of the first Morley of Glynde's  Hertfordshire connections, a Norfolk origin is also plausible. See the Lords Morley page for some discussion on this theory.


A John Morley -- whose position in this family is unknown -- appears with Nicholas Morley and Nicholas' wife Joan in a foot of fine. The counterparties are John Waleys and John's wife Margaret. Nicholas Gerlyngton and Richard Clapeham are other co-plaintiffs [#3158 (File 92. No. 2.), 'Sussex Fines: 1-10 Edward IV', An abstract of Feet of Fines for the County of Sussex: vol. 3: 1308-1509 (1916), pp. 272-275].


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