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Colonial American: Descendants of Thomas Morley and Martha Wright

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A particular subclade of I1
Theorised origin
External resources
Family claims connection to Morleys of Holme Hall, Bottesford, Lincolnshire. Evidence is scarce. LDS patriarch Isaac Morley was a member of this family. So was physicist Edward Morley (partner in the Michelson-Morley experiment).
First recorded
Springfield, MA
Longest association
167 years
Springfield, MA
Last recorded
Moroni, Sanpete County, UT
Marker Count
Markers last changed
Possible offshoots
Very abundant

In preparation. This section will eventually contain:

  • an objective examination of this family's claimed connection to the Morleys of Holme Hall, Bottesford, Lincolnshire;
  • a summary of this family group's branches, with links/references (where available) to others' original research;
  • an appeal for more participation from this family group in the Y-DNA study.

The list of markers associated with this family group is far from complete. For instance, there is a substantial Michigan branch that is not yet represented -- permission is needed from this branch's researcher before markers for this branch can be added.


According to index cards in the Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 database (Westfield image 546 of 3118), some of Thomas Morley and Martha Wright's children were recorded in the baptismal registers as "Marlo" or "Morlo". This may just be confusion on the parish clerk's part. But it might also signify that "Marlowe" was the ancestral name; Savage was under this impression. The Elizabethan playwright Christopher Marlowe seems to have been called "Morley"on isolated occasions, so there is a history of confusion between the surnames.


Surname: Morley
Title Start Year End Year Added Updated
Springfield, MA
1681 1848 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Westfield, Hampden County, MA
1682 1818 2013-02-04 2020-03-21
Glastonbury, Hartford County, CT
1708 1810 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Feeding Hills, Hampton County, MA
1754 1798 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
New York City, NY
1766 1766 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Montague, Franklin County, MA
1783 1812 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Kirtland, Lake County, OH
1814 1883 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Nauvoo, Hancock County, IL
1841 1846 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Windsor, Broome County, NY
1848 1889 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Moroni, Sanpete County, UT
1850 1951 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Salt Lake City, UT
1850 1950 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Bradford County, PA
1851 1935 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Rockford, Winnebago County, IL
1855 1857 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Wellsburg, Chemung County, NY
1870 1870 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Baraboo, Sauk County, WI
1880 1921 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Chester, Delaware County, PA
1882 1893 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Mentor, Lake County, OH
1887 1903 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Colorado Springs, CO
1893 1903 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Ely, White Pine, NV
1899 1950 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Vancouver, WA
1945 1945 2013-02-04 2013-02-04
Schuyler County, NY
1948 1948 2013-02-04 2013-02-04


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