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Northampton descendants of Richard Morley fl. 1769 St. Anne, Soho

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Forename patterns
First recorded
St Anne's, Soho, London
Longest association
51 years
Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
Last recorded
Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
Marker Count
Possible offshoots
Morleys from Northampton (1811-1876) 1
Markers last changed
Richard Morley
+ (1722 St James, Westminster) Elizabeth Stokes

Richard Morley
+ Elizabeth --
   Richard, bapt. 1722 St Andrew, Holborn [ index]

The son Richard could coincide with:

Richard Morley, saddler
+ (bond 1749; groom >=26, bride: 19; both of St Margaret, Westminster) Elizabeth Richardson

Possibly coincides with:

Richard Morley
+ Elizabeth --
    John, b. 9 October and bapt. 5 November 1769 St Anne, Soho [IGI; FMP:tx]

John probably coincides with:

John Morley, b.c. 1767-9 St Anns, London [per 1851 census]; 1841-51: Coach Wheeler/wheelwright, St John's Lane, 
      Northampton; d. of St John's Lane and bur. 9 January 1853 Northampton All Saints aet. 84 [Anc:Northants]
+ (6 February 1802 Northampton All Saints; both single, OTP [Anc:Northants]) Sarah Taylor, b.c. 1784 Northampton; d. of St John's Lane and bur. 20 May 1851 Northampton All Saints aet. 67 [Anc:Northants]
    Richard, b. 21 November 1802 and bapt. March 1803 Northampton All Saints [FreeReg]; d. of St John's Lane 
      and bur. 21 December 1834 Northampton All Saints aet. 32 [Anc:Northants]
    Mary, b. 28 July 1804 and bapt. 29 August 1804 Northampton All Saints [FreeReg]
    Robert, b. 27 August and bapt. 4 September 1806 Northampton All Saints [FreeReg]
    James, b. 17 September and bapt. October 1806 [sic -- same year as Robert] Northampton All Saints [FreeReg]
    Sarah, b. 24 February and bapt. 7 March 1808 Northampton All Saints [FreeReg]
    William, b. 18 January and bapt. 5 February 1810 Northampton All Saints [FreeReg]
    + (2 August 1836 Northampton St Sepulchre; both OTP; witnesses: Thomas Robinson, Rachael Ager (William's siter)c. [FreeReg]) Elizabeth Robinson
    John, bapt. 15 August 1811 Northampton All Saints [FreeReg]
    Thomas, b. 11 May and bapt. 2 June 1812 Northampton All Saints [FreeReg]; d. of St John's Lane and bur. 26 
        August 1838 Northampton All Saints aet. 26 [Anc:Northants]
    Rachel, b. of College Lane and bapt. 17 February 1814 Northampton All Saints [Anc:Northants; d/o John (coachmaker) and Sarah Morley]
    + (13 Jult 1830 Northampton St Sepulchre; both OTP; witnesses: William Ager, Sarah Morley [FreeReg,Anc:Northants]) John Ager/Agar
      Benjamin Ager, bapt. 1 January 1834 Northampton St Sepulchre [Anc:Northants]
      John Morley Ager, bapt. 5 February 1843 Northampton St Sepulchre [Anc:Northants]
      Mary Ager, bapt. 10 December 1848 Northampton St Sepulchre [Anc:Northants; same day as children of Benjamin Morley]
      [other children]
    Elizabeth, bapt. 1821 Northampton [IGI]
    George, b.c. 1826 Northampton [1851: with parents]

Probably the John Morley baptised in 1811:

John Morley, b.c. 1809 Northampton; 1841-1851: Shoemaker, Cow Lane, Northampton (in 1841, same page as the above John and Sarah Morley); with the household in 1841 and 1851 -- mother-in-law?: Sarah Brown, b.c. 1763 Northampton, vellum draper and parchment maker
+ (8 April 1829 Northampton All Saints, both OTP; witnesses: John Knight and Chs. Torton(?) [Anc:Northants; "Mawley"]) Sarah Brown, b.c. 1799 Northampton
    Elizabeth, b.c. 1833 Dallington, Northants [per 1851 census];  of Cow Lane and bapt. 28 December 1834 Northampton All Saints [Anc:Northants; ch. of John (shoemaker) and Sarah Morley; same day as William]
    William, b. of Cow Lane and bapt. 28 December 1834 Northampton All Saints [Anc:Northants; ch. of John (shoemaker) and Sarah Morley; same day as Elizabeth]
    Richard, b. of Cow Lane and bapt. 28 June 1837 Northampton All Saints [Anc:Northants; ch. of John (shoemaker) and Sarah]

Possibly connected (these are the first Morleys in Northampton in over a century):

Samuel Morley
+ (3 October 1796 Northampton St Sepulchre; both OTP; witnesses: Thomas Collins, Ann Nixon [FreeReg]) Sarah Collins
    Samuel, bapt. 1800 Northampton St Sepulchre [FreeReg]
    Mary, bapt. 1804 Northampton All Saints [FreeReg]

Samuel Morley
+ Elizabeth --
   Mary, b. of Silver Street, Northampton and bapt. 5 April 1818 Northampton All Saints [AncNorthamptonBT; parents: Samuel (excise officer) and Elizabeth Morley]

John Morley, d. Wellington Place and bur. 17 Match 1825 Northampton St Sepulchre aet. 56 [Anc:Northants]

Sarah Morley, d. Broad Lane and bur. 1 June 1842 Northampton St Sepulchre aet. 67 [Anc:Northants]

John Morley
+ (15 October 1830 Northampton St Sepulchre; groom of All Saints, bride OTP [FreeReg]) Ann Gent


Surname: Morley
Title Start Year End Year Added Updated
St Anne's, Soho, London
1769 1769 2015-05-15 2015-05-15
Northampton, Northamptonshire, England
1802 1853 2015-05-15 2015-05-15


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