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Descendants of George Morley d. 1766 Trinity Harbour, Newfoundland

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candidates exist
Theorised origin
Family tradition: Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire Irish origins also plausible.
Forename patterns
George, Frederick
Later members went to Nova Scotia and New England
First recorded
Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire
Longest association
159 years
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Last recorded
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Marker Count
Markers last changed

This page was created for the purpose of getting some of the earliest members of this family group "on the map". Members of this family group have done their own much more extensive research.


There isn't evidence of a connection to Doncaster, West Yorkshire. Only a family tradition. Another theory is that the family originated in Ireland. Y-DNA testing should shine some light on this.


I am a bit confused about the death date of the family group's progenitor. See and


Surname: Morley
Title Start Year End Year Added Updated
Doncaster, West Riding of Yorkshire
1725 1725 2013-12-22 2013-12-22
Trinity, Newfoundland
1766 1766 2013-12-22 2013-12-22
Sydney, Nova Scotia
1791 1950 2013-12-22 2013-12-22


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