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Descendants of John Morley (c1753-1827) of Trumbull County, OH

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Theorised origin
Probably a branch of the Colonial American (Thomas Morley/Martha Wright) line
Possible offshoot of
First recorded
Glastonbury, Connecticut
Longest association
0 years
Bristol, Trumbull County, OH
Glastonbury, Connecticut
Greenfield, Franklin County, MA
Last recorded
Bristol, Trumbull County, OH
Marker Count
Possible offshoots
Markers last changed

This page was created for the purpose of getting the earliest member of this family group "on the map". Members of this family group have done their own much more extensive research.


John Morley of Bristol, Trumbull County, Ohio, age 65, filed a Revolutionary War pension application in 1818. He declared that he enlisted in "Glossenbury" [?Glastonbury, Connecticut] and was once a resident of Greenfield, Franklin County, Massachusetts.


The consensus amongst online trees is that this John Morley was the son of John Morley (b. 1716 Glastonbury) and his wife Sarah Greene, although the younger John's birth registration has not been located. If true, this placement would make the Morleys in this line descendants of Thomas Morley and Martha Wright, through their son Thomas.


Surname: Morley
Title Start Year End Year Added Updated
Glastonbury, Connecticut
1753 1753 2013-12-22 2013-12-22
Greenfield, Franklin County, MA
1790 1790 2013-12-22 2013-12-22
Bristol, Trumbull County, OH
1818 1818 2013-12-22 2013-12-22


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