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First recorded
(Upper) Benefield, Northamptonsire
Longest association
175 years
Last recorded
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There are several early Morley references on Chris Phillips' site. Most have been extracted from the Feet of Fines. Only a couple of these references have been added to this map.

More references, abstracted and already mapped

Edward Morley ["Edwardus Morley (?)"] lived in Watford, Gildsborough hundred, Northamptonshire in 1412 [Feudal Aids, vol. vi, p. 493]


Thomas Morlelay "the elder" of Ashperton, Herefordshire ("Assperton") -- not to be confused with Aspenden, Hertfordshire -- was a collector of a tax in that county in 1440 [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 17, p. 148]. (The Lord de Morley had an analogous role in Norfolk [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 16, p. 147].)


A William Morley is connected in 1436 to Stoke Holy Cross and Shotesham, Norfolk [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 16, p. 278].


John Moreley of Painswick, Gloucestershire is mentioned in 1455 [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 19, p. 143].


A William de Morlegh appears in Hennock, Devon ("Heanok") in 1428 [Feudal Aids, vol. i, p. 442].


In 1346 Robert de Morlee held land in Kimpton, Hertfordshire ("Kumynton") of Geoffrey de Say [Feudal Aids, vol. ii, p. 438]. Another Robert Morley held this in 1428 [Feudal Aids, vol. ii, p. 449].

More references, abstracted but not yet mapped



Robert "Morlese" was a juror for the hundreds of Hyworth, Crekkelade and Staple in Wiltshire in 1428 [Feudal Aids, vol. v, p. 259].


John de Morteleye was a juror for the hundreds of Melkesham and Bradeford in Wiltshire in 1324 [Feudal Aids, vol. v, p. 213].


William de Morley, minstrel to Edward II [Cutts, E.L, Scenes and characters of the Middle ages, 1911].



John Morley was directed to collect a tax in Lancashire in 1446 [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 18, p. 41].

John de Morley and Nicholas Morley were directed to collect a tax in the North Riding of Yorkshire in 1449 [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 18, p. 128].


Thomas Morley of Manchester, gentleman is mentioned in 1456 [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 19, p. 151].




William Morley (origin unknown) was mentioned 1426-1428 in connection with the estate of the Duke of Exeter, and he was an executor in 1429 [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 15, p. 415].


In 1412 it was stated before an escheator that John de Merle had gifted the hundred of Frebrigh, co. Norfolk temp. Edward III [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 13, p. 231].


Thomas de Morlee was a tax collector in Cumberland in 1384 [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 10, p. 46].


In 1416 Peter Morley was a tax collector in Southwark [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 14, p. 153].


John de Morle the elder died in 1329 and the escheator "on this side Trent" was directed to act [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 4, p. 145].

Thomas de Moryleye/Morilegh died in 1315 and the escheator "beyond Trent" was directed to act [Cal. Fine Rolls, vol. 2, p. 230-1].

Robert Morley of Royston, Cambridgeshire left a will dated 1565. It names:

  • wife Elizabeth;
  • an unnamed brother, still living;
  • son John, under 21 (bequeathed house on Royston high street currently occupied by above brother; also lands in parish of Bassingbourn, Cambridgeshire; 1579: a goldsmith in London, plaintiff in a suit re: lease of Meldrath rectory mentioning father Robert Morley [WAALT abstract]; cf. with John Morley of Halnaker, who in his 1588 will used the Goldsmith's Company to administer some bequested annuities.
  • son Robert, under 21 (bequeathed the testator's house in Royston; also lands in Melborn, [Cambridgeshire?]; also lands in Waterden(?));
  • son Mark, under 21 (bequeathed land in Royston);
  • son Peter, under 21 (bequeathed land in "Melred" (Meldreth, Cambridgeshire?); also land "in the manor of the Savoy in London" called Emsons(?) and Topcliffe);
  • daugher Elizabeth, unmarried (bequeathed other land in "Melred" and in the manor of Savoy);
  • daughter Judith, unmarried and not yet of lawful age (bequeathed other land in "Melred" and in the manor of Savoy);
  • sisters(?) Margaret Rather(?), Elizabeth Merrill and Johanna Dixe(?);
  • to brother[-in-law] John Dixe, "my Baylewick of the lordshippe of Melborne", amongst other things

John Morley, yeoman of Wisbech, Cambridgeshire left a will dated 1657. It names:

  • wife Rose, still alive;
  • brother Robert Morley
  • nephew John Morley, husbandman of neighbouring Walsoken, Norfolk (who in turn had a son John);
  • nephew Thomas Morley, husbandman "late of Wisbech" (and his wife Rebekah)
  • neice Anne Morley (sister of the above John and Thomas)

Morleys recorded in the Lady Day 1664 Kent Hearth Tax assessment:

  • Richard Morley, parish of Yalding, 1 hearth (not chargeable)
  • James Morely [sic], parish of Boughton Monchelsea, 1 hearth (chargeable)
  • Edward Moreley [sic], parish of Whetsted, 1 hearth (not chargeable)
  • William Marles [sic], Chatham, 4 hearths (chargeable) -- recorded twice?
  • Mr John Marlow, "Milton next Gravesent", 20 hearths (chargeable)
  • Mr John Marlow, middle borough, city of Rochester, 8 hearths (chargeable)
  • Widow Marley, "the Lath of St Augustine, the hundred of Bleangate in the said Lath, The Upper Halfe Hundred Stroud Borough", 1 hearth (not chargeable)
  • other Marlows
  • Also several Morlens, one Marlin
  • One Morland, one Moreland

Morleys recorded in the Lady Day 1664 Essex Hearth Tax assessment:

  • Edward Morley, 3 hearths, Halstead
  • John ("Johannes") Morley, 2 hearths, Halstead
  • John Morley, constable of Halstead
  • Henry Morley, Earls Colne, 1 hearth (discharged by certificate)
  • John Morley, Chappel, 7 hearths
  • John Morley, Chappel, 4 hearths [immediate follows above John]
  • John ("Johannes") Morley, North Benfleet, 2 hearths
  • Hoe Morley [sic], Great Chishall, 2 hearths
  • several Marlows/Marlowes

Morleys recorded in the Lady Day 1664 Surrey Hearth Tax assessment:

  • James Morley, Guilford St Nicholas, 1 hearth (not chargeable)
  • John Morley, Godalming town, 2 hearths
  • widow Morland, Godalming town, 2 hearths
  • widow Morlis [sic], Wandsworth, 3 hearths
  • Marlow, Marlin, Marlyn, etc.

From Old Bailey Online (Proceedings of London's Central Criminal Court):

References from AALT, abstracted but not yet mapped

Nicholas Morley of Trysull(?), Staffordshire was co-defendant on a 1396 debt suit [CP40/541f102; abstract].

John Morlee of Tamworth, Staffordshire was defendant in a 1396 debt suit [CP40/541f424; abstract].

Thomas Morle, knight (son of Lord Morle in Norfolk) was co-defendant in a 1396 debt suit [CP40/541f559; abstract]. Presumably this is a son of the 4th Lord Morley.  The Complete Peerage only lists one son of the 4th Lord, and says he was known variously as Robert and Thomas. In which case this 1396 debtor was father of the 5th Lord Morley, rather than founder of a hitherto undocumented branch in the Baronial Morley family.

John Morley, senior, of Morley, tailor, was a co-defendant in a 1486 Wiltshire trespass/assault suit [CP40/907f412; abstract].

Robert Morley, yeoman of Southwark was a co-defendant in a 1486 Surrey debt suit [CP40/907f125; abstract].

Walter de Morley was a pardoner in 1350 [WAALT].

Richard Morle was plaintiff in a Star Chamber suit [WAALT STAC MORLE].

Thomas Morle was plaintiff in a Star Chamber suit [WAALT STAC MORLE].

John Morley was co-defendant in two Star Chamber suits brought on by Ralph Marsden. WAALT STAC MARSDEN dates these to 1590-1598, so this Ralph is too young to be the Ralph Marsden who was a non-conformist minister at Coley near Halifax, then later Lancashire -- that Ralph wasn't born until 1586. A better contender is the Ralph Morley of Hodlesden and Over Darwen, b.c. 1557 [Genealogical Memoirs of the Family of Marsden]. Some of the co-defendants had names found in Penistone, so it is possible this suit concerns Yorkshire rather than Lancashire.


Surname: Morley
Title Start Year End Year Added Updated
(Upper) Benefield, Northamptonsire
1301 1301 2013-05-01 2013-05-01
Kimpton, Hertfordshire
1346 1428 2013-05-06 2013-05-06
Lower Peover [Nether-Peuere], Cheshire
1350 1350 2013-04-28 2013-04-28
Macclesfield, Cheshire
1352 1352 2013-04-28 2013-04-28
Watford, Northamptonshire
1412 1412 2013-05-05 2013-05-05
Burton upon Trent, Staffordshire
1420 1562 2013-05-01 2013-05-01
Ashperton, Herefordshire
1440 1440 2013-05-05 2013-05-05
Lydiate, Lancashire
1472 1503 2013-05-04 2013-05-04
Ince Blundell, Lancashire
1472 1503 2013-05-04 2013-05-04
Swinfen, Staffordshire
1480 1480 2013-04-28 2013-04-28
Morley's Farm, Sevenoaks
1592 1592 2020-03-20 2020-03-20
Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire
1605 1605 2013-04-28 2013-04-28
Bierton, Buckinghamshire
1660 1675 2013-05-01 2013-05-01
Royston, Cambridgeshire
1662 1803 2013-04-28 2020-03-16
Leek, Staffordshire, England
1666 1841 2013-05-03 2020-03-13
Kingsclere, Berkshire, England
1731 1731 2020-03-21 2020-03-21


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