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Morley of Mearley, Wennington and Braddyll, Lancashire

Family overview


Marker IDSurnamePlaceYear rangeLast modified
1MorleyMearley, Lancashire1305-1600TBD
2MorleyWennington, Lancashire1350-1664TBD
3MorleyBraddyll, Billington, Lancashire1369-1603TBD
6MorleyKenyon, Lancashire1350-1586TBD
9MorleyCaton, Lancashire1605-1613TBD
10MorleyCaton, Lancashire1593-1613TBD
11MorleyStubb Hall, Halton, Lancashire1627-1627TBD
12MorleyStainderber, Lancashire1660-1682TBD
13MorleyHornby, Lancashire1648-1690TBD
14MorleyMelling, Lancashire1648-1690TBD
15MorleyRylstone-in-Craven, Yorkshire1716-1798TBD
16MorleyKeighley, Yorkshire1716-1756TBD
17MorleyBeamsley, Yorkshire1714-1783TBD
150MorleySt. Benet's, Paul's Wharf, London1568-1578TBD
151MorleyNether Wyresdale, Lancashire1568-1578TBD
152MorleyGarstang, Lancashire1578-1593TBD
1053MorleyHenthorn, Clitheroe, Lancashire1324-1325TBD
1056MorleyBurnsall, Yorkshire1677-1677TBD
1144MorleyRedbourn, Lincolnshire1691-1698TBD
1160MorleyNewton-in-Bowland, Yorkshire1576-1576TBD
1177MorleyHollow Moor, Little Crakehall, North Yorkshire1608-1610TBD
1178MorleyHunton, North Yorkshire1608-1608TBD

Genealogical notes

The numerous pedigrees mentioning "Morley of Winnington" should instead be mentioning "Morley of Wennington".

This family and other Morley families from Lonsdale and Amounderness hundreds (possible cadet lines of the Wennington branch) are featured in a booklet entitled The Morley Families of Londsdale and Amounderness, available for free at


Male Morleys suspecting a connection to this family are eligible for a free Y-DNA test. Please contact the project administrator for details.


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